Logimic IoT Services is a cloud and edge software services for scaling your product business. It equips your products with data, control and program capabilities with minimal impact on your product infrastructure. You customers can control or program your devices remotely via internet browser, they have access to all devices data, can easily manage deployment and maintenance task.

Logimic IoT Service increases value of your products and brings modern comfort of devices control and management with minimal impact on your infrastructure. This all with minimal initial and recurring cost.

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Devices Data

The service stores full device footprint data like states, values, manual or program changes and more. The data is used for various statistics.


Devices Control

Control your devices remotely from any of your devices using web browser. Check a device status and send commands as you were used to do before.


Devices Programming

Create a program and let your devices repeatedly execute commands on behalf of you. Make your device productive with edge and cloud power.


Customer Accounts

Create customer account, assign devices and grant access your customers to these devices only. You can distribute your devices with full cloud solution.


Devices Localisation

We develop localisation strategy of IoT devices to be able to provide cost savings and logistic effort savings for integrators and end customers.


Gateway Auto-Provisioning

New gateway is automatically connected to cloud and automatically establishes secure communication to be available in cloud console for next assignment.


Gateway Backup

Gateway backups all operation data sending to cloud during any internet connectivity failure. When connection is restored the data is communicated.


Network Backup

Device mesh network is back-upped on cloud and can be restored when new gateway is installed. This backup avoid new network building and devices localisation.


Network Builder

Build your network in real deployment of devices which ensures optimal wireless network topology and integration, logistic and manufacturing costs.


Logimic IoT Console

IoT Console is a web portal providing you with an access to all of our services. Simply log-in from any device with internet browser.


Edge Fleet Updates

Your edge gateways are always automatically updated with security, operational system and features updates. They are always monitored.

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SSH Service tunnel

For service purposes we provide a secure SSH tunnel providing programmer and IT access to the gateway command line. This is useful for service and repair tasks.

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Look & Dashboards

Full customization of visual style and customer branding. We provide customization services for satisfying customer styling requirements.


How to start

Let’s take a look at how to connect your device to our services and start using all benefits.


Explore Our Solutions

Logimic Light

Street lighting software for control and remote management of LED lighting.


iLersen Heating

An application of smart heating control of Lersen gas heaters in industrial buildings.



Wireless battery sensors monitoring temperature and humidity in buildings.


Water Level Guard

Ultra sound battery sensor for monitoring of the water level in tanks.


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Logimic IoT Services is a cloud and edge software services providing software capabilities like data gathering, remote control, execution of

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